Lilly’s Declassified Freshman Spirit Week Survival Guide

By: Lilly Moffett

Dear Class of 2021, Spirit Week here at East Lyme High School is like nothing you have ever experienced in your life. Walking in on Monday can be overwhelming, with hundreds of kids dressed in pajamas and carrying pillows around, and the intensity only goes up from there. But fret no more, because the Viking Saga has compiled a list of tips we wish we knew for our first week. Best of luck to the Class of 2021, and please note, The Viking Saga claims no responsibility for any embarrassment that may be caused by actually following this  advice.

1. Don’t bother going ‘all-out’
Never in a million years will you see upperclassmen dressed head to toe in their color, so do not put in the effort of tracking down every piece of maroon and white you own or wearing the most ridiculous pajamas you can find. For color day, a yellow hat should do the trick.

2. Rep your class color at Homecoming
All those black dresses and khakis you see on Instagram are just cover ups. Sure, you can dress nice for pictures, but the minute you step into the dance Saturday night, you should be dressed in yellow to let everyone know you are a freshman. If you are feeling really spirited, you can even go dance by the DJ’s table. It will not bother the upperclassmen one bit.

3. Classes are nonexistent during Spirit Week
Spirit Week is like a week of no school. There is no need to even bother going to your classes because teachers will not care whatsoever. So just hang out in the commons all day, and maybe even try to snag a lunch table while you are at it.

4. No need to practice for the pep rally
Sure, the five-legged race and tug-of-war can get pretty competitive, but no need to worry. Just pick your teams the day of, and you can totally just wing the alma mater. It is not like other classes hold practices for their events or anything like that.

5. Homecoming has changed locations
The commons happened to be booked for a pasta party the night of the 28th, so it has been moved to the senior center by the East Lyme Public Library. Sure, there might be some elderly mingling around, but it is a great chance to make some new friends.

6. Add a little red or blue to your color day outfit
Show your alliance with the upperclassmen and add a splash of blue or red to your yellow clothing. Whether this be blue tutu or a red bandana, you want to make sure to let the juniors and seniors know that you guys are friends.

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