Fighting Weather for a Worthy Cause

The importance of ELHS Causes Day 2017

by: Daven Roberts

     Originally replacing College Apparel Day, Causes Day has grown to be a very import aspect of Spirit Week at East Lyme High School. Taking root in 2015, it has created a greater purpose for Spirit Week driving the past three: giving back to the world we live in.
As a school, ELHS will be giving to hurricane relief this year. By “adopting” a high school in Florida, Key West High School, and one in Houston, Texas that is still being decided ELHS hopes to split the money raised to evenly benefit both student bodies.
“This cause will hit close to home because the money is going to directly impact kids of the same age. I hope to also establish a connection between the student bodies to make it that much more meaningful. I want the students to see that every penny counts,” said School Senate Co-Head Stephanie Jenkins.
Jenkins has directly contacted the administrators of the schools ELHS will be pairing with. She believes that giving the money directly to the schools, rather than through an organization, will allow for the connection to build and for the students of ELHS to see the direct impact of their money.
The devastating impacts of the recent extreme weather in the South have left these schools and many others in great need of funds for rebuilding and supporting themselves. The goal of giving to these schools is to help them return to normal schooling as soon as possible.
“I want to help these schools because they are just like us,” said School Senate Co-Head Willard Reed. “Maybe we buy the paper for one school; that still makes a huge difference. How do you teach or learn without paper? These types of everyday necessities are what our money could help provide.”
For sophomore Branden Matias, this cause hits especially close to home. Matias recently moved to East Lyme from Stuart, Florida, where many of his close friends and family members chose to evacuate before the hurricane struck down.
“I think it’s important to support this cause because so many people have lost so much due to this tragedy, and many that were affected don’t have the money to recover from it,” said Matias. “I think it’s amazing that we’re helping those impacted in Florida and Texas, because they need all of the help they can get. It has been rough for many people down there.”
The Causes Day shirts are the main source of money that will go to our “adopted” schools. Because of this, every student is encouraged to buy a shirt and help these high schools as much as we can.
“I like Causes Day because it says how we’re going to become global citizens- the idea of giving and seeing past East Lyme. We start that now in high school and then hopefully students will carry on that action of giving back for the rest of their lives,” said Jenkins.

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