Do Life, Not Homework

Hard work will be rewarded… but is it worth it? You can take 5 AP’s, get straight A+’s and take every single SAT and ACT, and yes, you could go anywhere you want as far as college goes, but, unless you truly love the things that your studying, you’d probably hate your life.

Every single night, you’d have to come home right after school, and do work until you go to bed, which in many cases wouldn’t be until well past midnight.

Anyone could do this if they had to. But there’s just no quality of life there. If you find yourself overworked, and not enjoying your day to day life, ask yourself, why am I doing this?

Answers will vary; many will say their families want them to, many will say they need to get into a certain college, but I bet few will say it’s because they want to.

Once you’ve figured out this answer, ask yourself, is the end result is worth it?

Will your parent’s approval be enough to make up for the nights of lost sleep? Will this college be so much better than the tier down, that you’ll be able to forget the nights you wanted to give up school?

This is just where you hold your values. I won’t pretend to know everyone’s situation. However I will say this:

You have one life, so don’t waste it doing something you hate. Even it’s only a fifth of your life, personally, I wouldn’t sacrifice happiness now for security later. Maybe that’s naive, but I refuse to not enjoy the one life I’m living.

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