Hidden Restaurant Gems of Mystic

There are few things I love more than food. One of those things is exploring new places to eat. Whether it’s with my family, friends, or by myself, finding the hottest spots is always exciting. Over the past eight years of my residence, I have found some pretty wicked eats. Here- in no particular order- are some hidden eatery gems of Mystic.  

  1. Vault Coffee Roasters
    1. Located on the outside of Olde Mistick Village, this small coffee and baked goods shop is the best cafe in Mystic. I first encountered the cafe on a chilly November day while showing my grandparents the village. Two young guys were bustling around the small workplace, taking orders and making coffee. Fresh grounds were made for each cup, and genuine love for their work radiated the entire store. Local photography and chalkboard paint hung on every wall and welcomed customers warmly. Since it was November, which is almost December which is practically Christmas, I ordered a small eggnog latte, and not to be dramatic, but it was the best decision I’ve ever made. It was the feeling of opening up the biggest box  on Christmas morning, wrapped into a 12 ounce paper cup. 10/10 would most definitely recommend.
  2. Mystic Sweets and Candy Shoppe
    1. This sweet little candy counter is often overshadowed by the wildly popular Mystic Drawbridge Ice Cream. With no disrespect to Drawbridge, Mystic Sweets and Candy Shoppe has far superior ice cream, and with their vast amount of flavors, it’s impossible to say no. Additionally, the shoppe has a huge array of candy displayed in a classic glass bar. With its prime seaside location and being surrounded by plenty of shops, Mystic Sweets and Candy Shoppe is a solid place to be.
  3. Bleu Squid Breakfast and Bakery Cafe
    1. Although they list themselves as a cupcake and cheese shop, the grilled cheese is where it is at. The “Grown Up” grilled cheese is my number one meal I could eat for the rest of my life. I love this sandwich so much, I want to be buried with it. I would also like to request being buried with the Bleu Squid’s red velvet cupcakes. Not only are the cupcakes gigantic, but are delicious in  every bite. With savory sandwiches and decadent sweets, the Bleu Squid is the perfect spot for any craving.
  4. The Treehouse
    1. As an extension of the Oyster Club, the Treehouse is a classy yet modern hangout spot with excellent seafood. I’ve been to this quent restaurant multiple times, but have only had one item off the menu. Regardless, the Quahog Rhode Island clam chowder is no doubt the best clam chowder I’ve ever had (sorry Flanders Fish Market). The location, food, and the entire vibe of this hipster restaurant leaves me wanting to go back every time.   

Mystic is the spot for food, and these restaurants deserve recognition. So if you’re ever in Mystic, and your friends are craving Mystic Pizza or Drawbridge Ice Cream, remember these top four hidden restaurant gems.

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