The Newest Lineup of Teachers

By: Lilly Moffett

Welcome the four newest teachers to join the English and Social Studies departments


Ms. Sara Nazzaro                                                                        Subject: English
Favorite hobbies: Spending time with 5-year-old daughter, Olivia.
Fun Fact: Ms. Nazzaro attended East Lyme High School as a student and is the sister of science teacher Dan Nazzaro.
“[I am most looking forward to] getting to know the students. We have such interesting conversations, so I really just look forward to knowing everybody on a deep level.”


Mr. Hamilton Hernandez

teacher 2

Subject:Social Studies
Favorite food: Chinese food
Favorite hobby: Hiking
Fun Fact: This past summer, Mr. Hernandez traveled to Japan, North Korea, South Korea, and Hawaii, and has also visited Africa and Europe.
“I am excited to see some of the traditions the students have in the school [including the cardboard boat race and Spirit Week].”


teacher 3

Ms.  Jennifer Raub

Subject: Social Studies
Favorite hobbies: Running and watching Netflix
Favorite color: Purple
Fun Fact: Ms. Raub road-tripped from Texas to CT.
“Everyone seems to want to be here and that is a place I want to be a part of. I am really looking forward to seeing what the students can do, not just in the classroom, but as people too.”


Teacher 4Mr. Aaron Maddux

Subject: Social Studies
Favorite food: Steak
Favorite hobbies: Drumming, soccer, and golfing
Fun fact: Mr. Maddux wrote for the Viking Saga when he was a student at East Lyme High School
“[I am looking forward to] working with my past teachers as well as with the new generation of students coming through.”



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