The Maine Route to Success


Girls’ swim team attends training trip in Maine

Wake up at 7 a.m., eat breakfast, swim for two hours, take an hour nap, eat lunch. Later, complete an hour of working out, take another nap, then get ready to swim again for an additional two hours, eat dinner, shower, go to bed. Repeat this for the next five days. This is the schedule that the girls’ swim team lived by for the last week of summer on the training trip.

A group of 23 girls took the 5 hour trip up to Naples, Maine and lived at Camp Skylemar from Aug. 23-28.

In the morning, the team swam in the pool at St. Joseph’s College located around 30 minutes away from the camp. In the evening, they swam in the clear waters of Trickey Pond, a small pond off of Sebago Lake. The pond had ropes to separate lanes in which the swimmers could swim. There was also a white line made of rocks on the bottom so swimmers could know where to  swim.
Coach Jack Stabach was thrilled with the team’s performance during this trip.

“I was extremely impressed with the leadership shown on this team by not only the seniors but the juniors as well. The upperclassmen have set great examples of hard work. The freshmen blended in well from the start and the upperclassmen took them under their wing and made them feel welcome,” said Coach Stabach.
Although constant swimming and exercising is tiring, the girls still had a little bit of free time to explore. They had the opportunity to take Camp Skylemar’s paddleboards and kayaks around the pond during free time. One evening, the swimmers went into town to go shopping and buy ice cream.
Captain Abby Bessire believes that the team bonding on the trip will allow the team to swim better than they have before, both individually and also as a whole.
“We really got to know each other on a more personal level during the trip. Working really hard at our double practices and drylands should result in faster times and better technique. I think this team has a really good shot at States this year,” said Bessire.
Although many team members attended the training trip, there were some girls who stayed back in East Lyme. These swimmers were just as well prepared for the season with the help of assistant coach Rob Bouchey. They also had a few double practices at both the East Lyme pool and at Ocean Beach. Back home, the swimmers did many of the same team building activities as in Maine.

“We did a variety of sprint and distance sets that helped condition us for the start of the season. We did activities where we were able to meet the freshmen that didn’t go to Maine and learn about their favorite strokes,” said junior Emma Vlaun.

Overall, the team believes that once again their training trip has been an important preparation for getting in shape for the upcoming season. They plan to continue the hard work they portrayed in Maine for the rest of the season.
“The work ethic of this team this year is exciting to see as a coach,” said Stabach. “They really started this season off with a  bang.”


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