Summer Jobs Out of the Norm: Conrad French

By: Maddie Foerster

Two students give back with unique summer jobs

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Climate change is a controversial topic that continues to come up in the media quite a bit. Agree or disagree, everyone is entitled to their own opinions, and for one East Lyme student, that opinion is what led him to his  summer  job.
Senior Conrad French spent his summer, from the end of May to July, working with the Yale Program on Climate  Change  Communication (YPCCC). The YPCCC is a program run by social scientists at Yale who are “studying the causes and consequences of public behavior.” They also “help governments, media, companies, and advocates communicate more effectively,” according to “They have a few goals,” said French. “One is to connect with the public and a broader audience and to get across a few larger messages. The first is that climate change is real. The second is that there is hope that there is still enough time for us to do  something.”
Mid-winter of junior year, French, who is passionate about climate change, having gone to the March for Science in Hartford, and the People’s Climate March in Washington D.C., was researching internship opportunities when  this caught his eye.
“For the past couple years climate change has been something that I’ve been really concerned about,” said French. “I came across the YPCCC… I knew I wanted to be involved in some way.” French then became a social media intern for the length of the summer, where he could work anywhere as long as he had a computer, putting together posts and graphs  for their Twitter and Facebook  pages. “I found it to be a really rewarding experience… I felt that the little role that I was playing in helping YPCCC’s mission was helping to have a meaningful  impact,” said French. “It helped my impact for  working towards solutions on the issue of climate change.”


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