How to Make the Most Out of the College Fair

By Lilly Moffett

With hundreds of colleges across the country, choosing just one to attend constantly proves to be difficult. On Oct. 3, East Lyme High School will be hosting schools from across the country from 6:30 – 8 p.m. Here are some tips to make the most out of your time exploring the dozens of visiting colleges and universities.

1. It’s Never Too Early To Start
Just because you may be a freshman or sophomore does not mean you should not attend. This is the perfect time to go and talk to plenty of different schools and learn about a wide range of options. The college fair gives you the chance to talk to representatives one on one and ask more personalized questions you may not get from a tour or online.

2. Research Schools Beforehand
Find a list of the schools attending the fair and explore some online before so you walk into the commons with some direction. If you are hoping to major in science, it would not make sense to visit an art school. Putting in the effort before will help save you time and allow you to visit more colleges you are most interested  in.

3. Speak For Yourself
Although parents generally have your best interest, the college search is about finding the right school for you. This means you should be asking the representative all the questions, not your parents. Since you are the one who will be attending college, your questions should come first, and do not be afraid to ask many; that is what the representatives are for.

4. Bring a Notebook
With so many schools to visit in a short amount of time, small details can be a blue. Bringing a notebook will allow you to write down any small but crucial details learned when speaking to representatives that you want to remember, and you never know, these little things could make your decision a lot easier in the future years.

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