Math Lab Gets Makeover


A new place for students to receive free walk in math tutoring

When walking through the halls of ELHS, students may find that the bright green Study Center is no longer a place to make up quizzes or get extra help. After reorganizing the special education teachers in oder for them to have more flexibility in the classroom, the Student Study Center has turned into a bigger space for these  teachers.
A crucial component to the Study Center that benefited students was the access to a free math tutor, Ms. Butler. Although the Study Center been removed, Ms. Butler has been relocated to Room A216 in the new Math Lab.
The Math Lab was created for anyone to use as Ms. Butler is available from 7:30 a.m. to 2:10 p.m. as a free and easily accessible math tutor. Whether you are struggling with homework, need to study for a test, or even just need an extra set of eyes to help you understand a concept, this new room will allow for students to always have the opportunity to improve their math skills. Ms. Butler is available for free math help every day with no appointment needed.
“I can help with 9-12 grade math, AP stats, foundation of calculus, I have got it all. You can pop in for review, one question you are stumped on, or homework help, I have many tricks to help understand problems,” said Ms. Butler.
Similar to the English department and the resources available, Ms. Hansen, the department leader of mathematics at ELHS, along with the math department, is working on advancing the department further by reaching out to students who are struggling. The Math Lab will also serve for more math intervention as Ms. Allyn and Ms. Butler will work together in order to identify, help, and work with students who are struggling in the  subject.
“Ms. Butler offers an extra hand for students who may not be able or are not comfortable to meet with their teacher. If a teacher notices that there is a skill a student can improve upon, that teacher can also ask Ms. Butler to make sure that student has that skill. It is a nice help to have,” said Ms. Hansen.
For most students, their schedule and their teachers do not match up during a free block. So, if a student is studying for a test or working out a math problem, it may be difficult without a math teacher’s guidance. With the new Math Lab, students are welcome to go to Ms. Butler at any point in the day, sometimes even hearing a new way to go about a problem can really help a student.
“Ms. Butler takes math problems that seem very complex and simplifies them down in a way that makes me question why I was struggling in the first place. Sometimes, after an 85-minute class, five minutes with Ms. Butler clears up everything I was confused about,” said senior Olivia Faccini.
Whether a student is a mathematical genius or dreads the thought of math, the Math Lab can serve as an environment to help improve student’s math ability.
“A few minutes of tutoring can save an hour of agony,” said Ms. Butler.

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