Tom Brady: Dead Man Walking

Tom Brady bounced back nicely after a season opening upset to the Kansas City Chiefs, throwing for over 400 yards and 3 touchdowns in the win. Patriots fans should enjoy this vintage play while it’s here, because Tom Brady is headed straight for an inevitable cliff.

This cliff is an inadvertable force of nature that no quarterback or player from any sport has yet been able to avoid. That’s just the way the body works, once people hit a certain age they just can’t do what we once could. The cliff refers to a dramatic drop off in production that comes seemingly out of nowhere and has never been averted, which is why people often refer to Father Time as undefeated.

Brady is not the first quarterback to stand before this cliff, in fact recently two of the greatest quarterbacks went through seemingly the impossible. In 2014 Peyton Manning threw an NFL record 55 TDs and had a 101.5 passer rating, undeniably the best year he has had ever had at age 39. The following two seasons he dropped to a 67.9 passer rating and was temporarily benched for a quarterback who is now a third string player. Brett Farve had a similarly great season at age 40 with a 107.2 passer rating which dropped to 69.9 during his final years. Brady is coming of his greatest season, and is now unprecedentedly trying to do it again at 40.

Patriots fans argue Brady’s careful diet and fitness plan will delay the inevitable fall, but what they might not realize is that Denver’s Peyton Manning underwent a similar ordeal with his trainers, and the result was still the same. Others might point to last week’s bounce back win over the Saints, but Manning’s fall from glory was not clearly evident until halfway through his following season. Despite this, Brady did throw two interceptions, against the Saints, that were simply denied over penalties by the defense. These would have muddled Brady’s stats and probably cost them the game.

Patriots fans deny it all you want; the signs are clear and I’m gonna roll with Father Time on this one, after all he is undefeated. Tom Brady is a dead man walking.

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