Poulsbo, Washington. Home.

In September of 2009, my father announced my family would be packing up and moving to East Lyme, Connecticut from our home of Poulsbo, Washington. As a navy family, we were use to moving around, but living in Washington for five years, we all assumed that we would stay. When my father said his orders to become an instructor at the sub-base in Groton, we were more than upset. My mother just landed her dream job, my brother was captain of the lacrosse team, my sister was on homecoming court, and I was the happiest nine year old alive. Everything was perfect, and yet, we were uprooted from our home and forced to move. And although I’ve lived in East Lyme longer than Poulsbo, Poulsbo will always be my home.

To give you some perspective, Poulsbo, Washington is a small, coastal town, also known as “Little Norway”. This village, settled an hour from Seattle is basically a west coast Niantic. Filled with shops, beaches, and movie theater, the two towns are parallel. Despite the similarities, the gray fog that always covers Poulsbo is comforting to me. In East Lyme, I’ve always felt that this town rejected outsiders, and would rather keep to themselves. But in my Poulsbo neighborhood, outsiders were welcome with open arms and trays of cookies. It must be something in the Pudget sound, because never in my life have I met genuinely happy people.

Now after eight years of living in Connecticut, I’ve finally adjusted to being an East Lymer. While I do find the happiest I once did in Washington, it’s not the same. I love East Lyme, and I’m thankful to everyone who first welcomed me here, but Poulsbo, Washington will always be my home.

I understand you can’t hop on a plane to visit this beautiful town, so here are some shots of the place I call home, for your viewing pleasure.


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