Get to Know the Editor: CHRIS CICCHIELLO

I remember sitting in the high school auditorium as an eighth grader for my sister’s National Honors Society ceremony, bored out of my skull, resorting to counting the number of chairs for entertainment. It didn’t take me long to count all of them, and so with nothing to do, I decided to listen to the man speaking on the stage. He introduced himself as Principal Susi and of his speech to the Class of 2015, I can only recollect a single line that has stuck with me throughout my entire high school career: “It seems like only yesterday I was welcoming you to ELHS and here you are now, almost juniors. And before you know it you’ll be off to college and forgetting about these halls. So enjoy your last year and don’t let it get away from you.”
Being an eighth grader at the time, senior year seemed like an eternity away. But here I am. There is a lot that I am obviously looking forward to throughout the year, but one constant remains: The Viking Saga.
This year, I will be the News Editor, whereas previously I was Sports Editor, and in this new position I have set forth some new goals. First, I hope to make news more accessible to you, the reader, covering a mix of school-related, local, and worldly articles. Second, I

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