Get to Know Your Class Presidents

Class of 2020: Julia Fenn

EDITION 1 FINAL (2)Sophomore class president Julia Fenn is full of talent. She is a member of the crew team and basketball team. Last year, Fenn was a member of the Eastern Regional Orchestra, in which she played the trombone. Fenn also sings and plays the piano and ukulele, in addition to other new instrument she is often trying.
As the youngest of seven children, Fenn is used to being around lots of people. A member of Peers Reaching Out, Fenn get use her passion of interacting with people to help others around the school.Future plans include eventually becoming a teacher, but Fenn has big dreams as she hopes to attend an Ivy League or possibly join the military.This year, as class president, Fenn hopes to get the whole class involved in fundraising.“My goal for the class of 2020 is to work together rather than as individuals,” Fenn said.

Class of 2019: Sumeet Kadian

EDITION 1 FINAL (3)To say junior class president Sumeet Kadian is involved is an understatement. In addition to his leadership position as class president for the second year in a row, Kadian is a member of the Math League, the Global Issues club, the student senate, Peers Reaching Out, and  the boys’ tennis team.One thing Kadian enjoys is helping to improve people’s lives. Although still unsure of where his future takes him, Kadian is sure he wants to assist others in a way that combines his two biggest interests: biology and computers. In this upcoming school year, Kadian not only hopes to once again help the Class of 2019 win Spirit Week, but also get everyone in the class involved.“I hope to receive input from my classmates on what should be done to make their high school experience special,” Kadian said.

Class of 2018: Dennis Carambot

RanginEDITION 1 FINAL (4)g from the arts to athletics, senior class president Dennis Carambot can do it all. Carambot has a true passion performing and has shined on the stage in several school productions. He has also been an active participant in town sports like basketball and baseball for many years. As for his future, Carambot plans on studying early childhood education in order to eventually become an elementary school teacher. During the summer, Carambot combines his drama talents with his love of children by working as a counselor at Arts Camp at Thames Valley Music School.Carambot hopes to make the Class of 2018’s senior year enjoyable by including everyone in fundraisers and class activities. “When my class walks up the ramp to receive their diplomas at the end of this year, I want them to be able to say they enjoyed their high school career,” Carambot said.

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