About The Editor

Meet Me: the 2017-2018 Entertainment Editor

by: Daven Roberts

I am thrilled to enter my second year on the Viking Saga staff as the Entertainment editor. Since the moment I stepped into A225 last year as a writer, I have loved capturing ELHS through journalism. I am excited to change gears this year and work on the Saga from an editor’s position.

When I’m not in A225, I enjoy field hockey, lacrosse, and performing. During fall and spring, home is on the field, while in summer and winter, I live on stage. I am also a part of Senate, PRO, and French Honors Society.

Going into junior year I find that four years of high school is not nearly as long as it seemed when I sat on the floor as a freshman. Despite that I am excited to see what memories and obstacles the rest of high school brings. Personally, I hope it’s something like “High School Musical” said it would be.

I am the youngest of three girls. While my sisters are off working in LA and studying at Northeastern University I miss everything about having them home except sharing clothes. I will say that the trips to LA are also a nice bonus.

Born and raised on the beach, I would always rather be laying on the sand and listening to the waves. This summer I could be found doing just that on beaches across town when I wasn’t “catching with Ken” (my dad’s term for a successful fishing trip).

Coming back from a summer of beachin’ and boatin’ I am focusing on making the entertainment pages, both engaging and interesting for the students of ELHS. I will use my section to inform and captivate with articles and layouts that highlight the latest in entertainment, social media, and pop culture.

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