Viking of the Week

Name: Sam Whittaker

Grade: Junior

Sport: Boys’ Cross Country

Each edition, a new athlete from different sports will be chosen to be recognized. Athletes are chosen based on of dedication, receiving personal best times, making a great play, or getting a game winning goal. These are just a few examples of reasons an athlete could be chosen. Coaches can also nominate their players to be chosen as Viking of the Week!

In order to prepare for the upcoming season, Whittaker ran every day this summer. Each day ranged anywhere from four to 11 miles per day at a 7:30 to 8 minute mile. At the beginning of the summer, his goal was to run about 20 miles per week. As the summer went on, his goal per week rose higher and nearing the end of the summer, he was running 30 + hours per week.
“I love running so much because it’s a really challenging sport to be good at, but if you put in the training and do well it’s extremely rewarding. It’s the best feeling in the world when you win a race or beat your personal best time.”


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