Hitting The Road A Year Early

One senior heads off to college ahead of the game

By Lilly Moffett

The fall can be a stressful time for seniors, with the additional stress of college planning on top of regular school work. However, for senior Ellen Littlefield, her stress will come from completing her first year of college.

“I just felt as though the opportunity to start college a year early was a very tempting offer that would help me out in the future,” Littlefield said.
Littlefield was accepted into the Early Enrollment Program as a Criminal Justice major at Johnson and Wales University in Providence, Rhode Island, which will allow her to attend the University as a normal student, while finishing her high school credits at the same time.
In order to get into the program, Littlefield had to apply in the same way seniors apply to college. In addition, she went to an interview where she was accepted on the spot. An agreement was made with ELHS where Littlefield is able to graduate from high school while getting her credits at JWU.
“All the programs that JWU have are going to help me succeed further in life,” said Littlefield. Since she is in the heart of Providence, Littlefield will have the ability to connect with the city’s other universities. Littlefield was also accepted into JWU’s honors program, where she will take an extra class each semester in order to get her Bachelor’s degree in three years instead of the average four.
Littlefield was first introduced to this program by her friend, Ella Czuba, who currently attends JWU as a criminal justice major. She encouraged Littlefield to go to the open house, where she decided she wanted to pursue the opportunity to attend college a year  early.
“Ellen was very driven and enthusiastic about pursuing criminal justice and law, so I thought this would be perfect for her. She has the resolve and the passion to excel in a program like this, not to mention the intellect.” Czuba, an East Lyme alum, said.
Although this year will be different than what she is used to, Littlefield’s family feels she is ready for the change.
“Ellen is a determined, hard working individual. If anyone can handle a senior year of high school and a freshman year of college combined, it is her,” said Littlefield’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Al and Rosemary Littlefield. “She has always had the vision to go far and has the determination to make the most of every opportunity available.”
While Littlefield will not be attending ELHS this school year, she will still get to experience some of the highlights of senior year, like prom and graduation.
Although this transition in her life is an exciting one, Littlefield admits that she is going to miss the ELHS environment she has experienced for three years.
“I am going to miss the teachers I have had over the year because, like my friends, they have always supported me and encouraged me to be great,” Littlefield said.

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