East Lyme Sprints into Esports

ELHS is part of new wave of high schools adopting Esports as a school program Sana Gupta For many East Lyme High School students, going to sports practices or games after school is part of their daily routines. However, up until now, the school has lacked an activity or group where others can experience the thrill and support that comes with the competition of being on a team. For this reason, ELHS is home to an Esports team, as of this school year. “Esports are competitive video games like League of Legends and Overwatch; usually (though not always) they are … Continue reading East Lyme Sprints into Esports

Short Stories to Read

From a young age, I loved reading and exploring new worlds to emerge myself into. Pillows and blankets were thrown into a corner, I nestled in, and cracked into a new universe. From demolishing 500 page books within a day, to missing math assignments because I was too busy reading, I was extremely passionate about learning, interpreting, and experiencing new adventures from the books I so abundantly loved. Continue reading “Short Stories to Read”