Is it a Day 1 or Day 2?

Potential change of implementing new static scheduling protocol to combat snow days at ELHS

By Sana Gupta

When school is canceled, most students wake up relieved and turn back over to get another few hours of shut eye. What students don’t realize, however, is the struggle for teachers and administrators to reschedule planned events and meetings. The administration is trying to fix this issue by proposing a “static” schedule to match that of other schools in the area, according to ELHS Principal Michael Susi, but not everyone is on board.

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A History of the Leo’s Club in Brief

Q & A with Shoreline Leo’s Club adult advisor James Harris

By Chris Cicchiello

Mr. James Harris has been the adult advisor for the Shoreline Leo’s Club of East Lyme High School since 2002, and with his help, the club was revitalized and has been on an upward trend ever since. Being a member of the Leo’s Club myself for almost seven years, I wanted to interview him. Here are some of the highlights of the interview I had with him:

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The Musical: Taking a Peek Behind the Curtain

Behind-the-Scenes of a musical at  ELHS

By Emma Caulfield

The audience only sees the show when the curtains go up, but what they don’t experience is the months of preparation and hard work that go into putting on a musical. Costumes, sets, lighting, and sound are all fundamental aspects that are often overlooked by audience members but take effort and preparations. The show has been chosen, but what happens from then to showtime? Continue reading “The Musical: Taking a Peek Behind the Curtain”